Information for publishers

Hello, games publishers!

I get quite a lot of emails from folks asking if I’ll review their games, so I thought it would be useful to provide a bit of information on my review policy.

I review tabletop games, and while that covers a pretty broad spectrum, it largely means board games, card games and roleplaying games. There are a couple of things I specifically don’t cover, so please don’t get in touch regarding them:

  • Video games – anything played purely on a console, tablet, smartphone or computer. To be honest, I don’t even play many of these, and I’m nowhere near knowledgeable enough in this area to offer any kind of informed criticism.
  • Crowdfunding campaigns – I only review games which are available to buy from retailers. Please feel free to contact me once you’ve hit your funding goals, manufactured your game and put it into distribution.
  • Non-hobby games – I know this is a tough one to define, but if your game is more like Monopoly or Guess Who than Ticket to Ride or Pandemic, it’s not really the kind of thing I cover.
  • “Adult humour” games – It’s just not where my interest lies, sorry!

It’s important that people can trust my impartiality, so I practice a policy of full disclosure. This means I let my audience know that I receive review copies of games from publishers. It also means that if a company helps out with content in any way – for example, providing travel or accommodation for an event – I’ll disclose it in the resulting coverage.

For similar reasons, I’m afraid I’m not interested in advertorial/sponsored content arrangements.

While I try to play as many games as I can, I can’t guarantee to review everything I’m sent. I don’t offer publishers prior sight of reviews, and providing a copy of a game won’t affect my eventual opinion.

I write about games for a number of media outlets, but the ultimate decision on which games to cover lies with the editors of those publications. If you’re looking to discuss coverage in a specific publication, I’m not the person to talk to.

I’m particularly interested in games designed by women, people of colour and other backgrounds underrepresented in the tabletop gaming industry.

You can reach me by email at